The category “Age Groups” was removed from our Properties Master. We consolidated the age group properties with the communities properties within the “Affinity Groups” category.

Here is a summary of changes:

  • Deleted properties: ‘for-children’, ‘for-adults’, ‘for-teens’ , ‘for-young-adults’ and ‘for-seniors’
  • Replaced ‘for-children’ with the new property ‘community-children’
  • Replaced ‘for-seniors’ with the new property ‘community-seniors’
  • Instead of ‘for-adults’ use the property ‘elig-age-or-over’ with the appropriate age value (ex: for 18 years and older, value is ’18’)
  • Instead of ‘for-teens’ use ‘community-transitional-age-youth’
  • Instead of ‘for-young-adults’ use ‘community-transitional-age-youth’

Note: Transitional age youth is defined as youth ages 16 to 24.

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