The properties on an opportunity describe specifically who it’s for, eligibility information, and other pieces of meta data that help in accessing the resource.

Property types

Properties fall under one of the following property categories:

  • Accessibility
  • Action
  • Affinity Groups
  • Cost
  • Eligibility
  • Language
  • Location
  • Organization
  • Scheduling
  • Service Area
  • Source


Information about access to an opportunity for people with disabilities.


Information about next steps in taking an opportunity, such as the sign-up URL.

Affinity Groups

Resources that target groupings of individuals based on common attributes. Not necessarily a self-identified community, but sometimes commonly referred to as such.


Information about costs associated with an opportunity.


Specific criteria used to determine whether or not an individual is able to take an opportunity. For instance, “enrolled in SNAP” (elig-snap) or “must be a U.S. citizen” (elig-us-citizen).


The languages in which an opportunity is available.


Meta information about the location of the opportunity, not including its address information, which is found on an opportunity‘s location itself. For instance, “near public transit” (geo-near-public-transit).


Information about the organization that has the opportunity if related to the opportunity specifically, such as a link to a contact form (org-contact-form-url). Most organization information should be located on the associated organization resource.


Information about when an opportunity occurs, not including specific hours or dates, which is found on the opportunity resource itself.

Service Area

Information about where an opportunity is available, by county, state, nationally (US) and other geographic area, which is found on the opportunity resource itself.


Information about the original source of the resource information.

Property value types

Each property has a value type, which is one of the following:

  • text
  • boolean
  • number
  • currency
  • URL

Boolean properties

Boolean properties indicate whether or not an opportunity has a specific attribute. For instance, an opportunity may be available in Spanish, so it would have a lang-spanish property with the value true.

Text properties

Text properties describe additional information about the opportunity. For instance, cost-fees holds information about the costs or fees associated with an opportunity. For a clinic with a needs-based fee structure, the property might contain the value: "Payment for services is on a sliding scale according to ability to pay."

Number properties

Number properties are for quantities (e.g. number of children) or ranges (e.g. age range).

Currency properties

Currency properties are in US Dollars, and are for values that reference amounts of money (e.g. income made last month, fees, etc).

URL properties

URL properties are for links or other unique internet identifiers (e.g. the link to a sign-up page).

Property List

View or download the full property list in this spreadsheet. (Google Doc)